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  The resale value of BMW has gone to absolute shit. Look at this lease from BMW: $520 a month (36 mo) for a $55k car

The later w126 SDL cars dud not survive at all.

240D was the most durable car made.

. said:
. said:You can get cars that perform as well as BMWs etc for less money, but they'll have plastic interiors, poor fit and finish, more road noise, and on and on.

A Carvette dun just as good as a Farrari!

Make jokes but they really are that good.

Plus, the corvette has the same interior plastic as the geo metro.
No longer in operation.

12079 posts

Allt he people that insult a corvette most likely haven't driven one.

They're nice, but still I'll keep my miata. :digtbk: 35mpg ftw!

AusDot said:Serious.

I'll post a thread tomorrow asking for purchasing advice. Thing to bear in mind in I'm in Australia, and $30 to $35k max is what I want to spend. And I won't ever buy a European car.

I didn't post that.

I'd consider Euro cars. Obviously. Was only thinking of the older Merc for shits and giggles.

Jooz said:Those are great cars. The engine is one of the best to be put in diesel passengers cars.

Too bad MB had to put in OBD-2 and other jacked-up electronics that luxury car-buyers all want. The dealer's solution to a malfunctioning electronic device is:

1) Replace all at the cost of warranty or owner

It's not like they had any choice about it - it's been illegal to sell a new car that doesn't have OBD-2 in the US since '96. Some other stuff is not actually directly mandated, but it might as well be because meeting the emission specs without things like ETC and closed loop fuel injection monitoring is basically impossible.

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